Powerful mobility in three stages

Our long-standing customer contacted us in the summer with a specific challenge: How can we inform our partners about our groundbreaking new product in a way that is creative, appealing, and informative?

This marketing campaign was to run over a longer time frame, so we decided to launch a journey of discovery lasting several weeks, with Stark! Marketing as the tour guide.

We all know that when it comes to travel, being prepared is key for a smooth trip. The first thing we did, therefore, was to develop a detailed description of the travel highlights: from communicating with the participants and selecting the "travel essentials" provided by our client, to sending out the cleverly packaged giveaways and creatively presented additional information about the new product.

At each milestone, participants received a stunningly designed surprise package that would stand out from the rest of the mail and entice them to open it immediately. Each of the three packages contained a practical giveaway for the respective leg of the journey – and a creative description of why it complements our client's featured product perfectly.

Both our client and the participants agreed: This journey of discovery was packed with sensational surprises and was a resounding success!

Scope of service

  • Development of a three-stage partner communication campaign
  • Design and implementation including layout and text creation
  • Selection of suitable gifts and promotional items

  • Lettershop work including dispatch handling


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