People, planet, profit: 

For STARK!, these three pillars of sustainability are not hollow words. Social and equitable cooperation, a strong sense of environmental responsibility, and a long-term corporate strategy are central to the way we do business. You can request our detailed sustainability profile and our concept for sustainable events here.


People – colleagues, customers, and partners – are our top priority. Our social awareness is the basis of everything we do.

Within our agency, this specifically means: a pleasant working environment with plenty of room for personal growth, mutual respect and trust, open communication, flexible and family-friendly work schedules, and regular training. The climate we have created in our agency unites all these values – and this is also reflected in our dealings with customers and partners.


Whether it's furnishings or devices, printing inks or paper: our motto is to repair and recycle – instead of discard and throw away. When choosing our suppliers and products, we also focus on environmentally-friendly production conditions. Furthermore, we give preference to sustainable products and locations for our live events.


Founded in 1992, our agency has enjoyed almost 30 years of profitable and sustainable business. This success has been built on slow but steady growth, customer and supplier relationships based on trust, as well as innovative and creative ideas.

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