The stage is set for Germany's progressive thinkers!

Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

When one of Germany’s most famous personnel consultancies invites us to work for them, we can really pull out all the stops:

TOP topic – The issue of “socialism versus capitalism” sparked lively discussions among audience members and provided inspiration.

TOP speakers – Dr. Sahra Wagenknecht and Dr. Klaus von Dohnanyi eloquently and compellingly argued their opposing points of view.

TOP location – The fascinating museum for communication in Frankfurt with its modern and open architecture lived up to its name while the animated discussions continued late into the night.

TOP technology – The fascinating lectures and lively discussions were perfectly staged with lighting and sound technology.

TOP catering – The participants were treated to exquisite delicacies and wines during the breaks.

TOP support – Last but not least, our team made sure that the high-caliber visitors were in the best of hands.

Scope of service

  • Creation of event motto and development of topic selection
  • Research and booking of renowned speakers
  • Venue research and booking
  • Technical design, lighting and sound production
  • Coordination of all sub-contractors
  • Organization and on-site support

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