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Virtual Event

At the service of our secret clients, we brought a flagship mission to a successful conclusion in January 2021: a sales kickoff event designed to reward the agents of the two major IT players for their tireless efforts in making the impossible possible over the past year.

Just weeks after the first assignment, we learned of a highly sensitive matter: the 90+ agents were not allowed to rendezvous at the same location under any circumstances, yet still had to be in close contact with each other to solve an extremely sophisticated crime together – and celebrate in style afterwards in true James Bond fashion.

Since extraordinary situations call for extraordinary gadgets, as Q already knew, it became quite clear to us: The agents would have to meet in the virtual Zoom space. Not only that, but the German-speaking and English-speaking team of agents would have to analyze their results simultaneously, yet independently of each other.

Since the time spent at the two virtual rendezvous points would be limited, we had already provided the agents with dossiers containing all the information they needed in relation to alibis, lab results, and other clues. Despite everything, the agents showed what they were made of in this extraordinary situation and solved the case with aplomb.

Although this was the first time our clients had moved this type of agent meeting to a virtual space, they still wanted to join their agents to toast their joint successes of the previous year.
Prior to the meeting, we sent a special package under top-secret orders to all agents who had informed us in advance of their secret whereabouts. This package contained everything they would need to make the famous Vesper Martini – shaken, not stirred, of course.

Having completed this mission successfully, our clients are confident that their agents will continue to stay on top of any exceptional situation.

Scope of service

  • Concept for virtual sales kickoff event 
  • Creative services – creation of text and layout for all materials
  • Website for online registration, including agent...pardon...attendee management
  • Organization and implementation of the direct mailing campaign
  • Supervising 

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