September 2021:

Back to live events!


Where is the most suitable and conveniently located venue in Munich for a workshop with around 80 participants, which provides tables and seating as well as a bar for informal networking?

At STARK! Marketing, we love challenges such as these and knew that the ISARPOST event hall in the heart of Munich would be the perfect setting for this special event. We also came up with a fitting motto for the event – "Back to the Future".

Our client wanted to host a live event for its employees – most of whom knew each other only from virtual meetings — that was as exclusive as it was spectacular. The purpose of the event was not only to celebrate the impressive growth of the company over the past few years, but also to shape the future of the company together.

During the workshop session, ideas were collected on Metaplan walls, visualized by means of graphic recording, and digitized as a basis for later discussion. While it became increasingly apparent where the company was heading, preparations were already underway behind the scenes for the appearance of a unique time machine, which was to be unveiled in spectacular fashion at the start of the networking session: an original DeLorean!

Of course, none of the participants wanted to pass up the opportunity for a Back to the Future photo shoot – and the fitting paraphernalia was all ready and waiting: from Marty’s red puffer vest, the cap and skateboard, to the professor's lab coat.

After dinner, a popular DJ set the mood and laid-back atmosphere for networking, before the journey through time reached its end at midnight ...

Scope of service

  • Location scouting and booking

  • Lead agency including contracting and coordination of technology, catering, décor, etc.
  • Entertainment concept incl. show car, photo box, DJ

  • On-site support

  • Hygiene concept incl. mobile medical team



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