Highlevel workshop with kitchen party

Highlevel conference
The Charles Hotel & Schweiger² Munich

Once a year, Lifeboat invites customers from all over Europe to present new products, network with other participants, and discuss cutting-edge business topics in an exclusive atmosphere.

The Charles Hotel in Munich provided the ideal setting, which Lifeboat filled with interesting content and which the STARK! team turned into a productive working environment with perfect organization and attention to detail during and between the workshops.

An extra special evening event was in store for the participants following the intensive workshop program: German Michelin Star Chef Andi Schweiger provided a heavenly culinary experience in the truest sense of the word!

Scope of service

  • Event design and management
  • Location scouting
  • Organization and event execution
  • Design & copywriting of all online and print media
  • Online guest management
  • Travel planning for 75 participants from all over EMEA
  • On-site event support

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